If no other action selected, on September 30th, IC staff will automatically switch email to simply go to our email servers without the Google spam filtering involved.  Email will work as it does now, with no changes except that users that previously had this service, may notice a significant increase in spam on October 1 and going forward.

Google has notified us that they will be discontinuing their spam filtering-only services on Sept 30, 2019.  They offer their full G Suite option for $6/user per month.  It includes email services with spam filtering, shared calendar and online storage space (Google Drive) plus more.  Info at https://gsuite.google.com/.

You have several options to react to this change.

  1. Do nothing. You may see more spam on Oct 1.
  2. Convert to G Suite saving emails locally to your computer, but not transferring them to Google ($250 G Suite set up and $6/user/month)
  3. Convert to G Suite saving and transferring emails to Google. (Transfer and G Suite set up fee (needs to be estimated based on # of emails and amount of mail to be transferred) plus $6/user/month)
  4. Move email to another spam filtering service or another email service (unknown cost, contact your internet access provider to see what services they offer for email with spam filtering)

Contact us at [email protected] with your questions.
Angela, Yvonne and the IC team