Easy Tune-Up Your WordPress site for Speed, Security and Access

Like a car, your website needs a tune-up from time to time to keep it running at it’s best. Our full Tune-Up services will make your WordPress site faster, more secure and more accessible. The Easy Tune-Up includes all three services below for $500. We take care of everything, so it’s EASY.

Speed Easy Tune-Up ($250 purchased alone)

Page speed is a huge factor in Google rankings and has been shown to improve user’s opinions of your site and likelihood to purchase/take the action you want. Faster sites improve user experience on phones and tablets.

Measure of success: Google PageSpeed improved by at least 10% for desktop and mobile on home page

Security Easy Tune-Up ($200 purchased alone)

Improve the protections on your site to prevent unauthorized access to your site or user information.

Measure of success: Clean security scan report with no major errors on home page

Accessibility Easy Tune-Up ($250 purchased alone)

Make it easy for everyone to use your site and you expand your market size. Many have temporary or permanent limitations that can make it difficult to use websites. Senior citizens represent one of the most important user segments, yet they find many websites hard or impossible to use.

Measure of success: WAVE Accessibility rating improved for home page

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    Select 1, 2 or all 3 services. All 3 services cost $500 (savings of $200)
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There may be pre-existing situations on your site that prevent us from achieving our hoped-for goals and we can’t fix every possible issue (we wish we could make it THAT easy). If that is the case, we will do our best and will provide you with the results of our investigation and recommendations for your next actions.

If we aren’t able to improve your site, there will be no charge.

The cost-effective services above focus on the home page of your WordPress site as it’s the most visited entry page to your organization. The work we do will improve the entire site, but optimal results may require additional work and cost. We will provide that information in our report.

If your site is not a WordPress site, we are happy to review it and provide help with improving speed, accessibility and security, but that would be billed on an hourly basis as custom work. We can do a simple review and report of your site’s status in 1-2 hours.

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