Mailman is a simple mailing and discussion list. Mailman can be used for discussion among members of your group. It is used to gather up a list of emails and to send a message to that list whenever you want by sending a message to one special email address. To administer a Mailman list, use the login box on this page. Contact us if you need login assistance.

PHPList is a more sophisticated and full-featured mailing list program that can be tied into your web site. Customers or site visitors can be added automatically to a PHPList. It does not work for “discussion” it is for one-way email communication TO a group. You must login to a web page to prepare and send email messages.

If you have a PHPList set up with Internet Connections, you will find the login page at The username and password are provided by Internet Connections at set up time.

Learn more about PHPList and see a training video on how it works.