Drupal Hosting Support

If you host your website with Internet Connections and it uses Drupal 7, we have your back! (see below for statement on Drupal 6)

Like all software, security risks happen for Drupal sites come when the software is not updated.

As part of your hosting service with us, we automatically upgrade your base Drupal 7 software for you.

We also regularly update a base set of standard modules and themes on all of our hosted sites (listed below).

Modules or themes that you or your developer install are not supported unless they are on this list or pre-approved.  All modules and themes installed on your site during development by Internet Connections are pre-approved.

  • accessible_content
  • adaptive_image
  • addtodany
  • admin_menu
  • agenda
  • auto_nodetitle
  • captcha
  • ddl
  • commerce_auto_product_display
  • custom_search
  • email
  • emergency
  • field_collection
  • google_analytics
  • htmlpurifier
  • imce
  • imce_crop
  • imce_wysiwyg
  • improved_multiselect
  • jcarousel
  • jquery_countdown_timer
  • jquery_update
  • jqzoom
  • leaflet
  • leaflet_more_maps
  • mailchimp
  • media_youtube
  • menu_block
  • multiple_selects
  • modequeue
  • page_title
  • pathauto
  • path_breadcrumbs
  • path_redirect
  • quicktabs
  • r4032login
  • redirect
  • rules
  • scheduler
  • search404
  • securepages
  • taxonomy_image
  • taxonomy_menu
  • themekey
  • token
  • ubercart
  • uc_coupon
  • uc_node_checkout
  • video
  • video_filter
  • views
  • webform
  • workbench
  • wysiwyg


  • Omega
  • Zen
  • Custom themes created by VoyageurWeb during site development

Drupal 6

We strongly encourage anyone with a Drupal 6 site to upgrade or migrate as soon as possible.

Drupal version 6 support by the Drupal programmer community officially ended in February, 2016.  We have provided extended support for our Drupal 6 customers, while encouraging them to upgrade to Drupal 7/8 or to migrate to another content platform, like WordPress.

As of December 31, 2017, our goal is to no longer host Drupal 6 sites on our shared servers.   We will continue to host any remaining Drupal 6 sites on our oldest server – at your own risk – until May, 2018.  We will do all we can to protect the server and your sites, but any work needed to react to a security breach will be billable time.

We also offer a premium hosting environment, which isolates the site from those of other customers.  This is more expensive than shared hosting, but provides additional security.